During these sessions students will explore editing practices and techniques in greater depth while also understanding the editing processes in short and long form production. They will apply their knowledge and understanding to critically assess the various workflow challenges of programming, understand the different roles and responsibilities within an editing team, whilst evaluating the creative and technical choices available during the stages of post- production, including online offline editing, color grading, sound design and delivery methods.

Learning Goals
By the end of this session students should be able to:
- Demonstrate a knowledge of advanced editing techniques and application to real world learning;
- Demonstrate an understanding of translating a script to screen, and the use of editing conventions such as scene structure, rhythm and pacing;
 - Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the editor in working with a director, and the importance of consultation in stages of the post-production process;

Tuesday, 30 May | 05h00 - 08h00
Thursday, 01  June | 05h00 - 08h00
Tuesday, 06 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Thursday, 08 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Tuesday, 13 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Thursday, 15 June | 05h00 - 08h00 

Beirut Film Institute, Suit 98, Saroulla Centre, Hamra - Beirut

Class capacity is limited, all applicants are subject to 50% nonrefundable fee in case of withdrawal or absence.