These sessions are a mixture of theory (lectures, scripts and film analysis), discussions and creative writing (brainstorming ideas, creating the world of the story and the characters, writing outlines, scenes and dialogues, discussing your scripts). During these sessions participants will learn the basics of screenwriting and develop their own story idea, build multi-dimensional characters with a unique voice and create conflict in their lives; ask and answer dramatic questions and connect all the plot points to go from inciting incident to resolution. They will learn how to format their script and write visually and will understand the common structures of films as well as the technical terms and techniques. We will develop the genres of their projects, try to achieve a first draft of their films and adapt the acquired learnings to feature films or other narratives.

Learning Goals
By the end of these sessions students should be able to:
- Understand the fundamental screenwriting skills from developing a cinematic concept to pitching;
- Acquire the tools necessary to write and develop a script, create believable characters and compelling story worlds;
- Understand the conventions of storytelling by studying screenplays, genres, and structures of cinema classics;
- Create character arcs and generate conflict within their stories;
- Assign a unique voice to characters and master the visual writing;

About the instructor - Stephanie Khoury:
After completing a research masters in cinéma in Beirut, Stephanie specialized in screenwriting in New York. She honed her craft since then and is now a story consultant for a publishing house and private entities. Khoury also works as an independent producer on narratives and documentaries and teaches at the Antonine University, the Beirut Film Institute and other local NGOs.

Monday, 05 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Wednesday, 07 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Monday, 12 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Wednesday, 14 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Monday, 19 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Wednesday, 21 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Monday, 26 June | 05h00 - 08h00
Wednesday, 28 June | 05h00 - 08h00

Beirut Film Institute, Suit 98, Saroulla Centre, Hamra - Beirut

Class capacity is limited, all applicants are subject to 50% nonrefundable fee in case of withdrawal or absence.