This workshop will focus on directors by enhancing their ability in coaching or directing actors for film. These sessions are a mixture of theories and exercises covering every detail of the process of coaching actors in different phases of the production starting from the first rehearsal till the execution of the last scene. Through discussions and practical exercises, participants will develop a deep understanding about the importance of the actors’ mindset, and learn about different strategies that help directors create a professional space and facilitate their offscreen and onscreen communication with their actors during the making of the film. The workshop will also include acting for directors exercises to help them investigate the actors’ perspective.

Learning Goals
By the end of these sessions participants should be able to:
- Enhance their coaching skills and discover different approaches while dealing with actors on set, and further understand the role of the acting coach;
- Understand the fundamentals of building a professional relationship between the director and actor from the pre-production phase to the set;
- Understand the dynamics and different ways of approaching a character with different types of actors and scripts; Understand the casting ethics and application for both directors and actors;
- Be able to apply different exercises that are focused on improvisation to dig deeper into the layers of the character;
- Differentiate between three approaches theater, cinema and TV from both the actors’ and director’s point of view;
- Acquire the essential tools and methods to approach actors with different age groups and different hierarchies of roles;

Tuesday, 13 December | 04h00 - 07h00
Wednesday, 14 December| 04h00 - 07h00
Thursday, 15 December| 04h00 - 07h00
Friday, 16 December| 04h00 - 07h00
Monday, 19 December | 04h00 - 07h00
Tuesday, 20 December | 04h00 - 07h00
Wednesday, 21 December | 04h00 - 07h00
Thursday, 22 December | 04h00 - 07h00

Location: Loyac Studio Academy,Hamra - Beirut

Class capacity is limited, all applicants are subject to 50% nonrefundable fee in case of withdrawal or absence.

Register before 24 November for a 30% discount.