This practical workshop is an introduction to the role of the director as storyteller, examining the relationship between the author, the artifact and the viewer. Students will investigate how a filmmaker can achieve specificity in communicating ideas to an audience through the medium of moving images. During this workshop students will learn about the role of the Director, how to communicate with actors and their key collaborative relationships which are at the core of filmmaking. The workshop will also include a casting seminar in which students will be given practical advice about the process of casting in general and with particular reference to the challenges of casting low budget and student films. The casting of children will also be discussed. There will be a seminar on script analysis and dramatic construction, during which students will be guided through the process of breaking a scene down into beats and turning it into a film-able script.
Learning Goals
By the end of this session students should be able to:
- Demonstrate an ability to think creatively in response to an exercise brief;
- Express an idea through the use of cinematic tools of expression;
- Plan and organize appropriately in order to achieve a creative vision;
- Have an enhanced understanding of how viewers read moving images and the relationship between the director, the film and the viewer;
- Understand why it is important for the director to have clear and specific intentions when creating a filmed narrative;
- Be able to apply this knowledge to critically evaluate their own work and that of their fellow students;

Monday, 03 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Wednesday, 05 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Monday, 10 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Wednesday, 12 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Monday, 17 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Wednesday, 19 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Monday, 24 October | 04h00 - 07h00
Wednesday, 26 October | 04h00 - 07h00

Beirut Film Institute, Suit 98, Saroulla Centre, Hamra - Beirut

Class capacity is limited, in case of withdrawal you can claim back 50% of the course fee anytime before the start date.